Friday, January 18, 2013

Murder LA 000016

by James Cohen


Photo from NY Times
"I received almost 7,000 votes in my small district," writes Jeff Hall, "when the so-called experts declared that we only had a couple hundred members and supporters in the entire state." Hall, a plumber and father of five children, just lost a bid for a seat on the board of the Western Municipal Water District in Riverside, California.

He's proud to report he has received 27.79% of the 24,249 votes cast for the position, running against incumbent Tom Evans.

"I believe I could have easily received additional votes if we had been able to reach more voters with my message of Green Job solutions to meet my districts [sic] water demands."

Hall declined to participate in a candidate forum because of disagreement with the event's sponsors, including a Latino organization and the League of Women Voters.

SATURDAY, APRIL 30th, 2011.

Hall opens his home to host a meeting of his local chapter of NSM - the National Socialist Movement - for which he is a regional director. Hall discusses fundraising and border patrols. "You guys get your Glocks cocked and get ready to rock."

SUNDAY, MAY 1st, 2011 - 4 A.M.

Hall's 10 year old son, Joseph, stands over his sleeping father. Joseph will later claim that he saw an episode of Criminal Minds in which a boy kills his abusive father and is not punished.

Joseph holds one of his father's guns to the sleeping man's head and pulls the trigger.

MONDAY, JANUARY 14th, 2013.

Joseph Hall, now 12, is found guilty of second degree murder. Despite abuse, the judge says the boy planned the killing and knew it was wrong. Sentencing won't take place until February but he was tried as a juvenile so he'll likely be free by age 23. The judge is considering where to send him, since no state detention facility currently has offenders younger than 14.


  • Jeff Hall had a Halloween 2010 party that reportedly included guests in KKK hoods and a swastika flag.
  • Besides claiming inspiration from Criminal Minds, Joseph Hall said that he thought his father would survive being shot in the head and that they would "start over" and be friends after he was released from the hospital. Guess he also watched Fight Club.
  • The boy's mother, Leticia Neal, lost custody of her son and wasn't even allowed phone calls without approval. Rather unfortunate situation when a white supremacist who takes his son to rallies and to the Mexican border to patrol with guns for illegal immigrants is deemed the more fit parent.
  • Speaking of which, Hall said the patrols weren't armed in order to shoot illegal immigrants, but rather for self defense. And that's why he was training with a sniper.
  • Hall's political rival for the Western Municipal Water District, Tom Evans, was recently made president of the board.
  • During that Water District board campaign, he was quoted saying "I don't hide what I am, and I don't water that down." - SEE WHAT HE DID THERE? 'CAUSE WATER.
  • Fun fact, "National Socialist" is where the term nazi comes from.
Photo from LA Times