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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Independent Super Hero Films: Alter Egos and All Superheroes Must Die

Alter Egos

For any comic book fan this film is more about how f''d up being a superhero can be when a love triangle between a superhero, his secret identity and his girlfriend reach there breaking point on a bad day for heroes altogether. In this setting superheroes are about to lose government funding and are mostly hated by the general public. Fridge, short for refrigerator, he has ice powers, is on a special mission for the super hero corp, it's also the day he chooses to break up with his girlfriend for cheating on him with himself.

It's main character and the way he treated women reminded me a lot of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead, which after a quick search showed it's the same director for both, Jordan Galland.

For just a few backdrops, really the whole thing takes place in a little motel, you get some good jokes off of superheroes and there sexual needs. Special effects are better than a B-movie too, though don't expect a lot of action. Director Galland was also able to throw in some deep back story and comic book style reveals.

This is fun little feature for those who read comics. It seemed like it was just showing off what Galland can do and maybe he can make something more improved over time.

All Superheroes Must Die

Watching Alter Egos reminded me of the Trost directed All Superheroes Must Die. You might remember the Trost Brothers creating The FP, a film making fun of the dancing video games. I hadn't heard about it for a while, but it's up for rent and will be out on DVD/ Blu-Ray at the end of the month. This super hero feature will be visceral as four heroes have to battle at the hands of super villain or innocent people will die.