Monday, January 28, 2013

LA Links 001

Debugging Santa Monica's First Robo Garage

Apparently, the first robo-garage in LA has some kinks to work out, I'd still like to stay in my car and ride it and hopefully ride it back out before needing food, water and to pee. Funny enough, I was talking about robotic garages with a friend after seeing the terrible Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol I review yesterday, a major fight takes place in one. My friend  thought it was simple as a vending machine, the article above says different.

I Rode the Entire L.A. Metro in a Single Day

The Metro smells and can be ridden for free says L.A. Weekly. I'd still get a ticket, the fines aren't worth it.

On the Orange Line, which I take back from Chatsworth, I notice three guys riding quietly in the back. They're bound for the Warner Center mall when one of them up and asks his friend, "Where's your mustache?"
"Dude, I'm on probation," he responds. "I can't do shit."

I was also talking about this augmented reality game with the same friend. You can be playing a game where you defend and attack different points around the city using GPS and your android device. "Aliens" are coming through portals, you can help them or stop them. I hope we have cyber geek gangs roaming the streets because of this. It's only in Beta right now and not on iPhones.
"So I decide to run around with my girlfriend tonight locally and hack some portals, I'm only level 2 so not much else I can do.
We go down to the harbor area and I find a pretty weak portal, I throw EVERY XMP burst I have at it and it's left with just a couple of slivers of power, lame. So I decide to go and hack a few more portals, hope to get some more bursts.
I walk up to a portal and notice 3 people staring down at their phones, so I ask, "are you guys playing ingress?" They are, then I see another, and another, then a bunch more, all told I saw about 15-20 people, ALL RESISTANCE. I realized right then that I'd better get back to that weak portal before they do, so with 4 level 2 bursters I go back. This portal btw is in a place that's marked as no trespassing, quite a ways form the actual 'culturally relevant point' and no parking for a quite a ways..." reddit

The strangely true connection between Scientology, the Jet Propulsion Lab, and Occult Sorcery

"It was magick, yes, but it was also the future founder of Scientology jerking off with the founder of JPL, in order to indirectly spawn the Antichrist. I think we can take this incredibly deranged situation as further evidence that Los Angeles has always been a weird place."


BlasterCON is a three-day general SF/Fantasy convention, with a late-70s/80s retro attitude and an emphasis on practical effects: models, puppets, props, costumes and makeup.BlasterCON is a new event in the Los Angeles area, to be held May 10-12, 2013 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA.