Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anime Hype: Tentacle Grape A Product Going Nowhere

Tentacle Grape hit the scene in 2008 and since then has switched companies and label design, but done little else. Promises of new flavors have been around since the hentai joking label started, but no new flavors have come out. Tentacle Grape's Facebook recently told fans to prepare for a new campaign, but their official site hasn't been updated since Anime Expo 2012.

When I first tried the product it was still owned by Mnemosyne LLC which seems to no longer to have any online presence. I received a terrible quality soda 6 pack with bottles having less and less soda in them. Two of the bottles were broken when I received them in the mail. The taste was worst than 99 Cent Store Shasta. Today the soda is owned by Cosplay Deviants and can only be purchased online through J-List.

Where is the company going? It seems nowhere. It had a presence at Anime Expo last year, but why not at all the other cons around the US? It's sold in a few stores and I mean around 3 here in the states. Not one in LA. It was available at Anime Los Angeles through J-List.

You'd think they'd try distribution threw Think Geek are some other boutique online. I don't know how hard it is to break out into the soda market, but it seems like Tentacle Grape is in no rush.