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Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventure Time Time: "Bad Little Boy" Press Kit, " All Your Fault"

 Cartoon Network sent me quite the nice reminder of  the new episode starring Fionna and Cake "Bad Little Boy", premiering Feb 18th. You'll be enjoying Donald Glover's singing as the voice of Marshal Lee and how crazy the Ice King gets in this one. I'll have reminders leading up to the episode, but it looks like plenty of new episode until it comes out.

That's the new Adventure Time DVD coming out the day after the new episode comes out.
                                                Cake inside

Tom Herpich's "All Your Fault" Premieres today and is bound to be an odd, but fun one.

From his blog
"New episode of Adventure Time on Monday: "All Your Fault"! Like "Goliad" from last season, this is one where I came up with the premise myself, then brought it to the writers to bounce it around and plus it up. "Goliad" changed a lot in the writers room I remember, but this one was pretty much fully formed from the get go.
At any rate- I co-wrote and co-boarded it with the amazing Steve Wolfhard, who I've been working with since the end of season 4. I think we've been making some really solid stuff, and it's torture waiting for it all to hit the airwaves! Hope y'all dig it."