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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Funimation Please Dub and Release Kids Police

Dear Funimation,

Today I saw the first episode of Kids Police (Kodomo Keisatsu). It's a comedy-drama where a detective unit inhales a strange gas from a mysterious group called Red Venus and it turns them all into children, like Detective Conan from Case Closed. The detective team keeps their adult minds, but are stuck in children bodies. The higher-ups make them attend elementary school and live with foster families to protect Japan's national image and customs. The team must capture Red Venus to get their bodies back.

Just from the 70's hair alone and stylish suits did I laugh my brains out. This show is set as a cop drama that far surpasses any of the warn down show on television. I'd love to hear a raunchier reversion by your staff. It's only a ten episode series and could be easily released in one volume or online. It seems like the perfect comedy you could bring to the US.

Future Film site

-Jonathan B