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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dead Space 3 Demo Out Jan 22

Isaac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver co-op should be shining through Jan 22 on both the Xbox and PS3. You cand try the Dead Space 3 demo then.

Here's what you'll get

Team Up in Co-op

Face your fears and take down the terror. Play the full demo alone or in co-op as Isaac Clarke and John Carver.

Weapon Crafting

Scavenge for parts and build your own unique weapon. Access the weapons bench to combine, reconfigure, and adapt your arsenal to any situation.

Hostile Environment

Head planet-side and fight for your life in a hostile environment. Defeat evolved Necromorphs and prepare for the unexpected.

Better with Kinect

Add voice to your arsenal and amplify the action with Kinect in single player or co-op. Heal yourself by saying "Quick Heal" and give your co-op partner more ammunition by saying "Give Partner Ammo".

Dead Space 3 comes out February 5 on multiple platforms