Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cartoon Hangover Mostly For Older Audience Has Facade To Entice Little Tikes

As a long time fan of Adventure Time I've been fascinated by the cartoon channel from Frederator, Cartoon Hangover. This channel isn't on TV, but Youtube. I've been hearing that YouTube offices are expanding at a fast rate out here and YouTube was infused with more cash to get more viewers. It seems the viewers YouTube wants to get are the slightly older audience or mostly teenagers.

Cartoon Hangover has some interesting choices for it's line up. A redesigned Bravest Warriors form the original pilot from ages ago, which is another concept from Pen Ward of Adventure Time. I've heard only Uncle Phil Ryda did character design, but that's it from the Adventure Time team on that show. One of the crew is part of the voice actor cast. Natasha Allergi who also works on Adventure Time has a short in Too Cool! Cartoons called Bee and Puppycat. Too Cool! Cartoons is a shorts program which will show off a large selection of cartoons from different creators. Probably with enough feedback those cartoons might get their own series. Bee and Puppycat already looks to be a hilarious work about a young women and her puppcat, it'll probably rain cuteness. If only Natasha and Vera Brosgol could work on a cartoon together, sigh, it be the best cartoon ever.

Here's the synopsis of Bee and Puppycat

Bee is a young lady trying to make her way in the world. She often acts before thinking, which can lead her into trouble (and adventure!). She also has a strong, nurturing personality, and doesn’t think twice about taking in Puppycat when he needs help. Although her laid-back-space-casey attitude and lack of skills tend to keep her from maintaining a job for long in the real world, she isn’t someone who easily gives up, and with the experiences she gains at the magical temp agency she stumbles on, she’ll finally have the chance to find out what she’s meant to do with her life.

What I'm not liking is James Kolcha's SuperF*ckers which is about a team of super hero jerks. I've read the indie comic behind it and don't think it's worth the effort. I don't know what really changed from the comic, but it's mostly written like a high school teenager just found out about gay jokes.

It seems there not trying to grab a bigger audience with the current series they have. SuperF*uckers with the F*ck right in it seems to show off were the new MTV or something? I'm fine with violence and gross out humor, but sometimes it's greater to see what writers and animators have to pull off with censors. YouTube doesn't really have a censor and it shows that giving so much freedom isn't a good thing. Giving poop the power to talk shouldn't be with cartoons aimed at kids. Break up the channel so you have a real kids section, because right now your aiming South Park style stuff a little kids and it ain't right.

 *The Bravest Warriors comic manages to constantly be better than the cartoon it's based on.