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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cartoon Hype: DC Nation Returns, Alfred Ugly

After a bizarre hiatus with no explanation as why it was pulled DC Nation Returns this weekend.

Ben 10 Omniverse, Star Wars: The Clones Wars and DC Nation come back Saturday Morning Jan 5th.

Many animators of the shows in the block were puzzled as why it was pulled . The upcoming episode of Teen Titans Young Justice was already available for download on iTunes, but was pulled from the store. Cartoon Network never released a statement as why the DC block was pulled.

Cartoon Network's management of DC Nation has been very erratic with Young Justice episodes airing many months apart. Speculation online has been that it's no producing enough money from toy sales. Even if that's true, it's beyond strange to pull shows from their time slot and not keep viewers and the money from advertising during the block.

Some other worries of Cartoon Network's management of DC Nation are the already controversial design of the new batman cartoon. A preview of Alfred has surfaced in a DC Nation Magazine. Yes, there is a cash in magazine for DC Nation.

                                                                        That's Alfred?
Alfred has gone through a horrible new design. A bowler hat and a big chin don't fit on Batman's butler. Batman himself now looks more androgynous then ever. Many fans online have complained of the overall appearance of the show from what little has been shown. There is still no set date for this new iteration of  Batman airing.

Teen Titans Go, the comedic-chibi version of Teen Titans has met with it's own criticism online with the show-runners of the series being shown in comic-con videos of never watching the show before they were put on it.I don't believe any or much of the original staff that worked on the Teen Titans is even apart of the project.