Thursday, May 19, 2016

They Actually Listened: Beyond the Gates, Abattoir & Officer Downe Got Second Screenings

We have second screenings for: "Beyond the Gates" "Officer Downe" and "Abattoir" at this year's LA Film Festival. These were films we recommended get second screenings last Friday. Two of them look like good ol' fashion downright scary messed up horror. Officer Downe sounds like a cartoon cop made real. Get your tickets fast for these second chance screenings.

*We don't have the greatest hopes for Abattoir or Officer Downe. Abattoir comes from a Saw director, ehh, while Downe's director comes from a member of Slipknot. And musicians can't direct. Look, well, don't look at Rob Zombie's work. We're saying each film is a gamble. Even Beyond the Gates has very little intel and a director who has only done shorts so far. Not a single one has a trailer online.

We will say this, a LA Cop that keeps coming back from the dead to stop crime, super crime, in ultra violence sounds cool, but so does the concept of Batman Vs Superman.