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Monday, May 23, 2016

Anime Expo 2016 Update 1

*Right out of the gate let's have a reminder that on June 1st prices go up another five bucks. A current badge for anyone over 12 is $54 for a day and $90.05 for a four day badge. Check prices for children and to get badges here.

*A lot of talk has been going on about The Youth Protection Problem. The-O Network has great in depth coverage of the new policy alienating long time fans of Anime Expo as the new program has confused many on policies and added costs.

However, AX has recently addressed the controversies and explained in more detail who it affects. You can read about it here over at ANN.

Let's just break down the recent news about the goings-on of AX.

First of the full list of vendors is up. So you can make sure you can grab the goodies you want and not pay shipping.

For those who love to draw or doodle the art show is back and seems very open to entries.

Anisong World Matsuri is making it's debut. A multiple concert experience with some of Japan's best talent you may know from your favorite anime theme songs. These look to be concerts that require extra tickets, no prices have been released as of writing this. It's a varied list of performers, check them all out at the provided link above. It does look like you'll be able to sing a-long to One-Punch man's theme.