Friday, May 13, 2016

Thanks, External Tank

Traffic won't be struggling due to Obama coming to town, no, it'll be because another piece of the space shuttle is making its way through the city. On Saturday, May 21 the external tank, ET 94, will be strolling down the street from Marina del Ray all the way to the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

The process will take 13-18 hours so you have a huge chance of seeing it and being stopped by it and going around it in your car.

The tank will have a dozen or so astronauts following alongside it as it makes its way throughout the city.

Below you can see the map route and info if you'd like to help out getting the 66,000-pound fuel tank to its new home.

Eventually, the shuttle Endeavor will also get two booster rockets completing the set and then will be hoisted skyward and placed in a permanent structure at the California Science Center.

For more info.

Volunteers are needed for Mission 26: ET Comes Home! If you'd like to help, please reach out to [email protected] or (213)744-2124.