Monday, May 9, 2016

The Alamo Guide To Virtual Reality June 5

How many times are we going to write about the Alamo Drafthouses activities before it opens? It's like a dream come true, a look at all the films that try and capture what virtual reality would look like from Lawnmower Man (so great on SNES and Q&A w/ Brett Leonard (dir. of “The Lawnmower Man ) to Johnny Mnemonic. There are now decades of films guessing what it would be like and were in no way close.

Alamo teamed up with USC to show off this event, details are a bit scarce, but some fun news was gleamed off from this event. USC Interactive, we have not heard of this USC division before;we think of Game Lab, will have an Interactive Arcade on the USC campus June 12.

So have a night of fake virtual reality and then some kooky virtual reality from grad students a weekend later.

The Alamo Guide To Virtual Reality
June 5, 7pm
The Regent
448 S Main St, Los Angeles, California 90013

The only thing that sucks is you're probably standing as The Regent lacks seats.