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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shonen Jump Theme Maid Cafe

Shonen Jump Theme Maid Cafe
Sunday, May 22, 5:30pm-10:30pm
Lekker Lounge
318-B East 2nd Street, Lil Tokyo, Los Angeles, California 90012
Ticket is $25, includes Open Bar, maid service, performances, and games. 18+ only event, only 21+ can drink.
Food/snacks are separate and are all under $5! ^^
A Shonen Jump themed maid cafe has a one day night life this Sunday. We have no idea how good or bad it will be, but if you're into anime it might be a sight to see before Ninjacon and AX.
We kind of want to see footage from the Super Saiyan Arm Wrestling and the JoJo posing contest. Damn, they should really just have these at most anime events. Great ideas.
From their Facebook:

Some popular Shonen Jump series are: Naruto, One Piece, DBZ, Bleach, Assasination Classroom, Kuroko no Basket, JoJo, Cooking Wars, Deathnote, Kenshi, D.Gray-man, and so much more!

Games and Performances:

Super Saiyan Arm Wrestling - An Arm wrestling contest in which you must yell DBZ / Shonen Jump related related things while arm wrestling (eg: This is my way of the ninja! + DBZ battle cries). Sign-up sheet will be first come first served at the door

Dance Performance by Foxtail-chan ♥ She will be performing the song "Women" by Jordan Sparks, in her One Piece cosplay!

Another dance performance by Chibi-Way, Usa-chan, and Beanie Baby! Don't miss out!

Ninjas vs. Pirates - A trivia contest in which the audience wil be split in half and have to answer Shonen Jump Triva. One team representing Ninjas and the other representing Pirates.

The Uchiha Family Coming of Age Ceremony Fire Show - Watch Sasuke play with fire. Stand back, everyone, and be careful! FireFae Ash

Best Sexy jutsu - The maids will do a Sexy no Jutsu move! You must copy it!

Jojo posing contest - It's time to work on those epic Jojo poses! Because we will be having a Jojo Posing contest!