Thursday, May 19, 2016

IndieCade, Please Put In These Games Because They Involve Penises

From our friends over at Gamescenes, we get the work of Mikei Huang, specifically his trio of penis punctuated games. Technically, Meat Boys is a highly sexualized game about meat, but sausage in it might as well be "sausage." Gloryhole looks and sounds like it was made for the Wii and needs to be picked up by a Japanese game company with no references to what the game is really about. You'll be stroking everything, but technically not a penis in it. The only game with actual penis sighting is, oh boy, The Struggle is Real about dodging feces during the backdoor act, it's a sliding puzzle game for iOS.

This trio of strange, but damn colorful and strangely fun looking to play games need to come to IndieCade 2016. Next to cheating dolphins on a tests and escaping from a spy car we want to be playing Gloryhole and then take pictures of playing it. That game has a dildo controller with virtual reality, that's the future we all dreamed of.

Meat Boys is the only game with a sort of PSA, it's talking about the normalization of sexual objectification in gay culture, but to the outside observer it's just plain weird game about calling up meat, cooking it and eating if though your eyes were stuck in an 80's girls' cartoon.

Now, The Struggle is Real is currently up on Kickstarter and for a very reasonable amount to be finished.

So if you're a part of IndieCade or just Mikei Huang start cracking on how to get here and be part of the LA game scene.