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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Randy's Donuts: It's A Trap, A Tourist Trap

Donuts! Randy's Donuts to be specific is an iconic landmark of LA and SoCal culture. It's a giant donut near LAX, that happens to have a donut shop underneath it.

Now there's nothing really special about the donut shop, it's donuts are okay, but they're nothing for us to write about. The menu isn't that big or even that iconic. There's no king donut to consider getting.

It does have a drive-thru and a fairly nice-sized parking lot. It doesn't have a place to sit. Forget whatever you've seen in the movies. There is no inside seating area and there isn't anywhere to sit outside either.

When it comes to service, they're friendly enough, but they aren't fast at all.

Randy's is a great gimmick. Build a giant donut and they will come. Unless your taking pictures there's no point of going out of your way for these circled treats.

We've sampled so many better donuts from all over LA. Donut Man and DK's to name a few. Donuts infused with candy bars and cereal. We still miss the Apple Fritters we got from Farmer's Market.

Randy's Donuts is only a place found in fiction and at the location below.

Randy's Donuts
805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301
Open 24 hours