Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Luigi's Mansion Arcade in Hollywood

Oh, ho ho! Luigi's Mansion Arcade is finally in the LA area. We can confirm you can suck up ghosts and coins at the Dave & Busters Hollywood location with one of the best new arcade experiences, Luigi's Mansion Arcade!

The game practically just rips scenes from the ghost-sucking up adventure of the original Luigi's Mansion, but puts in your hands, and your friends, a Poltergust 5000, think a vacuum cleaner. The Polterguest you're using are quite large and give real feedback. You can feel when you suck up coins or ghosts.

Polterguest controls are simple enough. Equipped with two buttons, the one on top shines a light freezing the ghost and the bottom light sucks them in. Your work isn't done there, you'll have to move your sucker in the right direction to suck up the ghost. The ghoul goes left, you suck right. For a game that sucks so much, it's one of my favorite new arcade experiences.

Three long levels, three boss fights and a lot of credits on my card spent.

The game hasn't been officially released in the US, it just has some testing at Dave & Buster's until this Summer, so get there before it's gone.

The oddest thing for two-player, as keeping from the original game, is getting a blue colored Luigi instead of his much famous brother, Mario.

Also, heads up to arcade fans, Time Crisis 5 finally updated. Now you can finish the game as they added three more 90's Japaniefied insane levels. You don't even have to play through the whole game, like I did. The game gives you the option to start on level four.
You can watch as others play the game