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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Soon We Kayak Down the LA River

Starting this Memorial Day you can Kayak, yes, Kayak down the LA River again. The totally bonkers experience of going down the river in the major metropolitan of LA starts up again this June as it's only allowed during the Summer. Can anything be wilder than navigating and going down a river in such a major city? It's like being in a dystopian future finding your way through a city reclaimed by nature.

Though, it's probably a lot less like that and more like discovering LA from a different angle. Seeing nature can still exist in this cement city. From the Elysian Valley River and Sepulveda Basin River you'll be able to experience a strange mix of man-made structure and nature. t

The following groups are opening shop for renting Kayaks, so act soon, they're technically starting up the first weekend of June. Prices start around $50, but they supply you with all your gear. Remember you'll get wet so read what you need to do to keep your phone safe...oh, and yourself.

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