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Friday, May 27, 2016

Search Party Quick Review Dumb Fun Comedy Adventure

Search Party stars two dudes from HBO's Silicon Valley, T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch. The comedy friends are in a lot of work together and are joined by some other familiar faces from TV including Alison Brie (Community), Jason Mantzoukas (HTGM Podcast) and Jon Glaser (Parks and Rec.) I'm name dropping because if you like anyone of those comedians indie work with even more cameos you'll want to rent this one. The story is indisputably tying to cash in on the Hangover films with three friends having weird encounters and trials on the way in and out of Mexico.

Now this is a comedy to rent on the weekend and chill with friends to. It's a series of mishaps and comedian run-ins after T.J. Miller's character, Jason ruins Thomas Middleditch's character's, Daniel "Nardo's" wedding. Nardo's pissed off to-be heads to Mexico alone on his honeymoon and he goes to ask her to take him back. Nardo gets robbed of everything on his way to see her, including his clothes, so it's up to Jason and Adam Pally as Evan, his best friends and room-mates, to save him. What follows is a hilariously stupid adventure.

An adventure with a naked Thomas Middleditch, drugs and a bunch of other tropes of comedy films, yet, it's still better than a depressing an over-the-budget Adam Sandler movie.

Oddly enough it came out in the Netherlands. Universal sat on it for two years before releasing it in the states for anybodies guess? It just came out for the first time this May.

I'm unsure about the $6.99 price tag for rental, but can say it'll be worth it when it goes down in price, as it's available through almost all streaming services.

I don't even recommend seeing the trailer as it ruins most of the jokes.