Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Skyspace Has A Terrible Ad

The OUE Skyspace has a terrible ad in LA Magazine's June 2016 issue. We're not sure why, but it gives no images of your view from the currently tallest building in LA and references getting to Santa Monica?

"Down to the beach in a blink of an eye." That's the line they put on the top of the ad. We believe there saying you can see Santa Monica Pier from the top of the building, but for someone who doesn't know much about the Skyspace, a brand new observation area on top of the US Bank Building with a glass slide on the side you can ride, it sounds like it's a hotel that's close to Santa Monica.

Another questions arises over why not showcase the view from the Skyspace instead of the building it's on and the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel. The ad would have looked so much better with the great views you get on top of the building. We have gone up there before the remodel and the views of the city are quite amazing. Instead, here's a women in sunglasses with two images you've seen before. It makes us want to visit Santa Monica instead of viewing it from high above.

It's a very odd choice of words an images. Why not just have, "See LA, all of LA."

Then there's the info, "On your way to the top, engage with an array of technical features on the 54th floor, highlighting LA's cultural attractions." You mean telescopes?  What technical features, is this a Blu-ray player?

The issue of LA Mag it;s in has one of its most boring covers ever, which doesn't sell just all the great info jam-packed inside. I just hope their advertising division wasn't in charge of that ad.

OUE you can always advertise with us over here at TTDILA. Will put out an ad that makes sense.

The OUE Skyspace opens June 25, will cost you an entrance fee and a fee to ride that slide, here's a much more simple ad they left online.