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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Didn't Forget About The Rain Room, LACMA Forgot About The Muse Ball Though

Either in preparation for the Rain Room taking up too much time or in a complete disregard for people enjoying Halloween, LACMA's Annual Muse Halloween Costume Ball was never mentioned this October. What was? The Rain Room.

You can get your tickets now for the event starting the day after Halloween, Nov 1 and ends in March.

What's the Rain Room? It's a room with sensors that allows you to walk through as it rains and not get a drop on you. With certain sensors in place you can think of it as having an invisible force field around you as you walk inside.

Only seven people are allowed in at a time, for fifteen minutes.

It'll cost $10-$15 more on top of general attendance fees and more than likely will be selling out, so act fast.

Get tickets here.