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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ghost Stories The Dirtiest Re-Dub Perfect For Halloween

Every year here at TTDILA we recommend new horror films to see and shows to watch for Halloween. We do however always recommend to watch once again Ghost Stories. Now Ghost Stories may look like a boring children's anime from Japan, because it is. However in the days of old, the year 2005, we got the ADV dubbed version. This re-dubbed version changes the anime into one of the funniest and dirtiest comedies set around horror. ADV may now be defunct and petty, it tried to sue over Evangelion movie rights it no longer owned. At the time ADV was and possibly remains one of the greatest anime publishers in the US. ADV had a product they knew was bad and for a lark  re-dubbed it into one of our favorite animes.

What may have started as a simple show about elementary schoolers and the famous ghost stories from Japan became one of the dirtiest and foul-mouth animes we've ever watched. Five young kids who probably act nicer in the original anime spew some pretty adult conversations.

Satsuki (Hilary Haag) is the main character, she's a bit of a b*tch, but with having to tackle freaky ghosts all the time who wouldn't be? Momoko is a God-fearing, devout Christian who use to be on least in the dub. In the original anime she just was a bit clairvoyant and psychic. Leo is a Jew and nerd of the group. Hajime is the cool guy, who is also and idiot. Keiichirou is Satsuki's little brother and in the anime is supposedly retarded. There's also a talking cat, Amanojaku, who kind of wishes he wasn't a talking cat.

You'll recognize many of the voices from other animes if you've listened to a few. All of which give a great performance praising Jesus, screaming for their life or yelling out how they need sex. Worse coming from their teachers.

They're your Scooby Doo gang, solving mysteries and putting ghosts to spiritual slumber. Getting to that point involves them constantly making fun of each other, the people they're trying to help or pop culture references that somehow stand up 'till this day.

For horror fans they do go over many of the ghosts and legends Japan has of spirits inculding headless bikers, possessed dolls and many homages to The Ring.

One of our favorite parts is the perfect original ending theme song for the series. "Sexy Sexy," from CASCADE. Why it was decided that a love song with the English words of, "Sexy, Sexy, " fit into a children's song in Japan astonish until today.

The full set is still available today through Discotek Mediawith the ADV dub.