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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Update: No Delusion or KCRW Masquerade

-Delusion, one if not our favorite haunts of the past years it has been operating will not be happening this Halloween. It comes with bittersweet news this October as it will have a permanent residence for year round scares. Where? Unkwon, somewhere close or within LA we hope. When? Early 2016.

-KCRW Masquerade is kaput, the venue The Legendary Park Plaza Hotel has been temporarily closes and no other venue has been found. This event has been going on for a few years and will be missed.

-Strangely, no word on LACMA's Costume Muse Ball as of writing this too.

-Call of Duty is part of Six Flags Fright Fest again. Apocalypse, the rollercoaster will be transformed for Fright Fest. Guests will go to the 1940s Film Noir-inspired Morg City, including zombie encounters and more based on the game’s new Zombies mode, “Shadows of Evil."

-Toonami has started airing Parasyte, the freaky alien body horror series. Aliens take over human hosts and transform into weird creatures, oh and eat people. Catch it at 1am on Toonami. We really enjoyed the series before it was dubbed, though it takes it's sweet time to move the story.

-There's a haunted smell tour you can of LA.