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Thursday, October 1, 2015

IndieCade 2015 Nominees

On your knees for these nominees for IndieCade 2015. Enjoy the hellish nightmare of the hot and cramped firehouse, which is now free to test out these games over the IndieCade weekend. As modern and wonderful the idea of showing games coming from some of the newest talent out there is it's hard to share them in a free forum.


We remember back when this was just a demo, from Ben Esposito in 2013 at IndieCade. This full title game with has you making holes in a Katamari sort of fashion.

The game centers around a teenage girl working at Donut County, a Los Angeles inspired coffee mug-shaped donut shop. One day the girl gets a mysterious delivery from some raccoons: a box of irresistible donuts that open holes all around the county


A card game about having consensual sex with a tentacle alien monster. That pretty much grab you? The art work alone makes me want it to be a comic graphic novel.


We've been waiting for this one and so has the internet, this Kickstarter backed game has you changing the scale of your game world to unlock puzzles. Scaling a spider to...well the world itself, from what we saw in the trailer. We can't wait to try it before all the people who paid for it online, back in 2013. Featuring some clever witted comedy, we hope, that shines from the trailer. Is the cat a lie?

* Hyper Light Drifter are you gonna be ready evah?

Fabulous Beasts

Stack those beasts! Connecting the physical and digital world you'll be playing a balancing game with beast pieces. Part hippie, the games digital half will show you how the creatures interact with one another and the balancing act of ecology, hoo boy. Let's hope the animations are nice and they don't try and PETA the Hell out of explanation with too much text.

Aboard the Lookinglass

I'm guessing they'll change the lyrics of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit from, "one pill makes you larger. And one pill makes you small, " the left hand sees the past, And right hands sees the future fall." You're Alice aboard the Lookinglass, a spaceship? You have to figure your way off of it and bend time by looking through your hands using the Oculus and sensor gloves.