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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jackbox Party Pack 2 Out Oct 13

Just in time for my Halloween party that you're not invited to, unless a personal friend, Jackbox Party Pack 2 is out Oct 13. Their covering all their bases at Jackbox Games, it's coming out on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Steam, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Play. The price? $24.99.

In other news another title was announced for the pack. The lucky folks at Polygon got the exclusive first try of Bidiots, the sort-of sequel to the game I just played late into the night with dicks all over the screen, Drawful. In this version you and you're friends are still drawing, however now you bid on the penises and boobs you add to drawings for no reason. You have to try and make the most money for your clientele of bidders of bad art. Special requests will appear on your phone screen asking for something seen in the art. It looks just as dumb and fun as the last game. I can see my party lasting longer for a bid war on someone's interpretation of a giraffe made out of penises.

Quiplash XL, which sadly I just bought instead of waiting a few weeks is the final reveal for the pack. This updated version comes with the DLC, I also bought! It comes with some new prompts.