Monday, October 12, 2015

Osomatsu-san Six is Their Number

A theme song with the line, "The aesthetics of cleavage are widely debated, " doesn't even show up until the end of Osomatsu-san. This new anime series is based on anime that came out in the 1960's Japan (Showa Era) that depended on sight gags, cartoony looking characters and wasn't even in color. The original story about sextuplets, that's right, six brothers that all look the same, was how they would get into mischief, as ten-year-olds do. For the first new episode the brothers try and figure out how be a popular current anime series which leads to the best gag anime I've seen in a long time.

Before me the updated version of the show had the boys changed into a modern character design boy idol group beloved by everyone going to a high school for the most beautiful and saving the world. Then they make one girl fall so in love with them she dies out of the tropes stolen from other anime. This is all before the integrity of their anime world falls apart. Soon the brothers are parodying every popular anime out now in an attempt to stop one of their supporting characters from destroying their pretty boy high school super hero world as a titan.

Then it all fades back to the old show, in non-HD format as and added joke. Now ten years have past, the boys are twenty and they have to think of something to do to make the show watchable. Cue intro.

 Osomatsu-san's first episode has already made me impatient for its next as it's a honest to goodness anime comedy with a sitcom plot that hopefully skews other animes every episode. While shows like Gintama have serious drama action mixed in with comedy, Osomatsu-san is just a pure comedy.

The show knows it's going to have to try hard to stand out in this current anime market where you see the same thing almost too often.

There's even annoying French guy to hate.