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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Update: Last Shift & Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Reviews

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

We were wrong, so very wrong.

For all the great special effects and boobs this movie is nothing special or even that memorable. The director, Christopher B. Landon, can't seem to make anything stylistic or memorable. There were so many ways it could have gone to be fun or be different. Zombieland had the rules from it's main protagonist, with this film the scouts could have referred to their scout book or brought up more useful scout tricks beyond the making weapons montage at the end. We're just sad studio money was wasted on a film that so clearly didn't have enough in it to make it that funny or entertaining. There's a lack of scout jokes and scout kills, frankly it's undeserving of its marketing campaign. How do you under utilize undead animals, be the director of this film.

Last Shift

The best thing going for Last Shift, where an officer has to spend one night alone at the old police station, is the title screen on the DVD. I enjoyed a disembodied head with a pentagram on it biting at me and was freaked out by it more than the movie.

Okay, the visuals were great with bag covered worshipers spewing blood. The rest of the story was predictable, boring and maybe written by someone who had seen better horror movies and thought they wrote them. Our main protagonist is a rookie cop that should have left the abandoned station the second things got weird, even with what small reasoning the film has her staying about losing her job. The film shifts through dream like nightmare so much it made me sick of what was going on next. It's such a waste of good special effects and an idea that could have worked if not executed poorly.