Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween Update: Goodies to get and more haunts to see

-Glorp Halloween Tees and Gum

A new collection of strange Halloween t-shirts coming with a gum.

-Knott's Special Ops Infected – Patient Zero

Creepy LA says the whole field to kill zombies has expanded and improved guns can help you more accurately score and kill zombies.

-30% off Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

Our favorite film for you to watch this Halloween! Just put in "spooky" at checkout for Halloween.

 -A Nightmare on Elm Street - 8 CD Box Set

Only 2000 copies will be made of a music set for A Nightmare on Elm Street, which we wish was really for the movies. This stylish set looks better than anything on Amazon for the films collected in the series. It's even wrapped in Freddie's iconic sweater!
Added to the master Halloween list

The Alone Experience: Unweave the Rainbow
October 17, 18, 21-25, 28-Nov 1, 2015 

 A fully immersive 45-minute walkthrough experience, which you enter alone. Its an artistic exploration of fear, loneliness and self preservation. We can't comment as we've never tried it here at TTDILA, however this is it's fourth year of production. From what we've glossed over you do get touched and it is in no way like a normal haunted house.

This year's theme is head scratching to say the least:
Unweave the Rainbow is four experiments in human emotion that explore interaction. When light encounters an object, one of four actions occur; diffusion, refraction, reflection and absorption.