Monday, October 5, 2015

DC Super Hero Girls Large Croc of Sh*t

Mattel lost it's line for Marvel and Disney properties. It approached WB and DC to make its own line of toys. Their answer. Copy Monster High.

For long time fans of the comics it's just fascinating to see super-villains who've down right murdered people horribly get turned into lovable dolls for young girls.

One point by fans will be that many of the women Mattel is calling heroes are the exact opposite. Poison Ivy and Harlequin murder people. The other sad joke is they ran out of DC super heroes that were women really fast.With that is the complex stories that created them forgotten to sell toys.

It tell us that DC, Mattel, and WB don't think girls can understand heroism beyond putting on pretty dresses and high school drama.

In the same vein, Attack on Titan just got a high school anime.

It's hands down one of the easiest and laziest things to do with a product to milk it for more money.

-From a marketing standpoint that name is not catchy at all. DC Super Hero Girls, that rolls right off the tongue.

-I hope it fails miserably this holiday season.

When are we going to have DC Super Gal babies?