Friday, October 30, 2015

There's A Meal Based on a Anime Egg in LA, Japan's Business Sense in LA Dumb

Plan Check will have a three course meal based on Sanrio's Gudetama starting today through Nov 29 as Japanese executives don't understand what Halloween is. I mean why is the downtown independent showing Naruto and Gundam? They should be showing, uh, I don't know horror movies. They are so gone when the Drafthouse opens. Okay, okay they are showing a horror film, but the anime today and tomorrow?

Sanrio doesn't understand to just have something Halloween related...Anyway, the delightful and out of place event...

Y'Know who was smart, the people behind Hatsune Miku Halloween last year. That made sense.

Sorry... this is a fine event and I like the idea of a meal based on an egg character, but why do it starting around Halloween? It's so f*ing dumb.

Anyway, after Halloween, because you have better Halloween related things to do, head to Plan Check's multiple locations for the meal for $39 and you can get a limited edition T-shirt that I will question about if you got before Nov 1.

Oh, so you got the shirt, did you eat there for Halloween? Did you not have a Halloween party to go to or just suck?

via LAist