Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Anime Hype: Lupin III Returns

If you can, check out the latest interpretation of Lupin. Not bothering to be a prequel series like Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the series puts the Lupin crew back on crimes that no one else would dream of. Heavy praise for the first episode where Lupin ties the knot, but not with who you think. The animation, music and style seem like the original series that you may have seen on Toonami/Adult Swim. I'm just happy to see a show not about teenagers in high school coming out from Japan. Instead I get to see a master theif and his crew trying to score big every week in this 24-episode series.

A motif might make there crimes stay in Italy for the most part. It airs in Italy before Japan. I would love to know more if there was a deal on how they thought it would spur more tourism.

For right now be on the lookout for Lupin and his crew in a new colored jacket coming out here.

Sadly no regular anime service has bought the rights or is streaming it in the US as of writing this.