Friday, October 23, 2015

Button Mash Arcade Bar Opens To People Who Hate Parking At It

Button Mash might be a fine arcade and restaurant, it doesn't matter for the Hell that is its location. Though well-stocked in arcade titles-Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, anyone ? -it was a talking point among the line about how hard it was to park near. It's not like any of the other arcade bars are walks in the park either, you've got busy Ventura Blvd or the conjunction of annoyance of the Arts District. Take and play your poison anyway for a ideal arcade that does not fit in with the Domino's nearby, we're going over Button Mash.

Button Mash
1391 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

After parking kind of far or taking an Uber head back to the 80's to an adult Chuck E. Cheese... I'm not sure if putting it in the same category as Chuck Cheese is right, unless they get some adult-themed ball pit area from space in Iam8bit's owned PWN Shop within the place.

From the line looking in you wouldn't guess it was an arcade, only an upscale hipster restaurant. It partially is with a menu courtesy o' the beloved Starry Kitchen. Folks who waited got to scarf down special noodles, rice dishes and even bread brick desert. We've added a photo of the menu so check it out below if you want to try something. At TTDILA we only tried the double cheeseburger, a mistake, for it was not that great and everything around us looked so good.

We cut the line by sitting at the communal seating stuck deep in arcade town. IT WAS HARD TO TALK, but we managed to enjoy ourselves. Do yourself and date or friends a favor and just wait to be seated at a table.

The arcade is filled with titles, nothing that rare or from Japan, it's all nostalgia. Hmmm, there were some titles we can't remember playing that may times, so you might stop and just gawk at 3D Pac-Man in Pacmania. They do have the six-player X-Men arcade machine and it is nasty tuff.

Looks can be deceiving. Like I wrote at the start, from the outside you'll miss the arcade and only see the glorious pinball section mixed with new machines based on current pop culture- The Walking Dead pinball, ooh - and older titles. In back it is wall to wall machines with their own token machines. Sorry, you can't just spend your quarters, tie-in back to Chuck E. Cheese.

PWN Shop would be the prize center if more of Chuck E. Cheese reference was happening. WOperated by Iam8bit, this store within a restaurant/arcade/bar.Yes, I wrote bar, huge selection of drinks, check the menu we have with this post. This video game haven has all the goodies of Iam8bit with plenty of floor space. I like it more than Iam8bit's gallerie's real storefront. A Bulbasaur planter, a Pork Army manual, why even order from Fangamer online? I'll be amazed if PWN Shop retains that much room, it's a huge amount of space for an extra store within. Yes, it does sell Tees for the restaurant, oddly no magnets.

If a fan of Iam8bit you'll notice its touch inside the restaurant with its distinctive style and look. The wallpaper upon close inspection has way too much going on. On the other hand, we like a wall of stereo boxes at the bar. Yes, yes, there's plenty to drink. I'm starting to think you have a problem. Just go a night with designated driver.

They do have places for your drinks, so don't worry about dropping a drop.

Now we had to rush to catch a film for SpectreFest. So, we would have liked to have played more titles and eaten food off of others plates. Saying were from the site usually has people share their food...or we would have taken it...with or money. Funny, they collect your card or cash inside short Scholastic titles. We mean kid's books with dat cover art.

We do know it's fun, loud and has all you want with an arcade...but dat parking, be safe and don't even attempt their lot.

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