Friday, April 3, 2015

It Follows Q&A Again Saturday in Hollywood with the Director and Eli Roth

A week or so back I had the honor to see It Follows at Arclight Hollywood with the director, David Robert Mitchell, present with some of the cast and crew for a following Q&A. You have a chance to hear him yourself this Saturday, April 4 with another It Follows Q&A. It starts at 8:45pm and will have Eli Roth hosting the Q&A. Get tickets here. Here's our review of the film with some other indie wonders.

Let's look back, as something might be following us, with some Q&A from when TTDILA listened in to David Robert Mitchell discussing the film. Here's a few excerpts from his previous Q&A at ArcLight Hollywood. Warning, spoilers ahead!

"It came from a re-occurring nightmare I had," Director David Robert Mitchell started telling us. "In it I was followed by this monster that looked like people, people I knew, strangers and it walked very slowly, but always coming toward me," he said. This happened to the director when he was very young around the age of nine or ten, the fear it gave him stayed with him.

"This one was extra fast, I usually take a few weeks to a month, but this I wrote in two weeks," referring to It Follows pre-production. David was surprised himself by how fast it took him to write the movie, but than shelved the script for a few years while working on his first feature.

Director and crew
David also has a heavy connection to the film, it was filmed where he use to live in Detroit, Michigan. "The park she runs through[Jay, main character]... she gets chased through her room and runs to a park, that park, that park is one that I would go to as a kid."

It doesn't take place when he was growing up... or does it?"The film takes place  somewhat out of time, it's not a specific moment, it feels maybe like the 70's or 80's, but there's also something modern about it. Something even older. That's sort of the intention." The film has a dream like quality to it, it does seem modern at points, but it also looks like it could have happened decades ago.

Someone asked from the audience, "What was you're favorite day on the set?" "The last day," David replied getting the audience to laugh. More seriously he said, " The night we did the car sex scene and the whole monologue after...just scheduling wise that really worked out. We had a little bit more extra time to get what we wanted."

Check out "It Follows" in theaters. I can't... I can't give any further praise for the film, but would have to say it is the best horror movie to come out in a long long time.