Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WonderCon: Convergence DC's Crazy Convulted Comic Adventure

It was hard to swallow...for the writers their. They put on all their best fronts except colorist Peter Steigerwald, who just seemed tired. So very tired. He was joined by some amazing writers and artists including: Len Wein, Jeff King, Scott Lobdell, Dan Jurgens and Marc Andreyko. They tried to sell Convergence, the next big event in DC, pfff. Convergence is complicated. Tellos, the new big baddie releases captured doomed DC cities. These cities were taking out of their timeline by different incarnations of Braniac before they were destroyed in their time line. For the long time comic reader it's a big cheat to see old continuity characters back...from the dead! On top of that old heroes and story arcs that many people loved will intertwine to make an unholy messed up story of all your favorite stories being rewritten to include vague and strange characters. Those same comics will have heroes beat up each other, because...misunderstandings.

Domes around those cities left those cities' heroes powerless for a year. That tidbit added to the strangeness of stories picked up including the universe where Lois and Superman are about to have a baby or Flashpoint occurred.

One writer was way to eager about Batman meeting his father for the first time in continuity. Batman will be meeting Flashpoint Batman, aka Thomas Wayne as a gun-totting vigilante.

The way the writera looked at it and sold it to us was that they're all fanboys themselves. Some read the comics when they were kids and they're now writing those same comics.

However, either due to not being allowed to reveal much or just plain apathy they kept bringing up Wonder Woman fighting a vampire Joker. It seems so poorly thought-out.

This was the same company trying to get new readers with the New 52. Instead we have comics going after only fans that have been long time fans to get the references and who know these stories.

Many fans might rejoice about revisiting old runs, but it seems so cheap, robbing the special-ness of the Else-World stories and the wrting and talent behind those original stories.

One positive might be the New 52 universe gaining some of it's past history back. As it's so complicated and new that man past heroes don't exist it in yet or events that fans love have occurred.

Honestly, it seems like such a waste of time. It could have been a fun side project, but too much for an entire company roll-out;  the same goes for Marvel. Are they just no more good stories to tell that they have to dust off old story arcs?