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Monday, April 20, 2015

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival April 23 - April 30

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival comes back with a slew of new films this year. This fest will be centered more around Little Tokyo, where it all began in 1983. TTDILA has found you the best films to peruse if you're not into dramas. Some sadly are dramas, though with a sci-fi twist. For a full list of films, go here.

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
April 23 - April 30
This year, our venues include:
• Aratani Theatre at the Japanese American Community and Cultural Center
• Tateuchi Democracy Forum at the Japanese American National Museum
• Downtown Independent
• CGV Cinemas
• The Great Company
• Directors Guild of America
$14 - General
$12 - Students, Seniors, & Members of VC w/ I.D.
OPENING NIGHT at the Aratani Theatre @ Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
$100 - VIP Reception, Screening & Gala Celebration
$80 - VIP - Students, Seniors, & Members of VC/JACCC w/ I.D.
$55 - Screening & Gala Celebration
$50 - Students, Seniors, & Members of VC/JACCC w/ I.D.

The picks:

My top pick is (Donnie Yen) in "Kung-Fu Killer".  Yen plays Hahou Mo an incarcerated martial artist in for manslaughter. He's made a deal to get out by hunting down a murderer killing kung-fu masters. The martial arts movie fanboy or girl in us all wants to see all the action as Yen takes on a murderer more than capable of killing someone with skill.

The World of Kanako has a divorced father looking for his perfect daughter after she goes missing. Not everything is perfect as Kanako's father, Akikazu, starts to learn who his daughter really is.

Sci-Fi Dramas

First we have Everything Before Us set in a world where your relationship activity is documented and monitored by the Department of Emotional Integrity (DEI).Two couples, one in high school and one in their early twenties have to work their way into the system showing how well you work in a relationship with others. Set in the dystopic year of 2041, a Mom must decide on taking on a strange medical procedure to keep her job in Advantageous. Simply titled 2030, the world is doing to well with global climate change causing Vietnam to submerged mostly underwater. We follow Sao trying to uncover the murder of her husband with ties to  dangerous genetic engineering practices.