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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Adventure Time Time: Brandon Graham's Jermaine and a New Video Game

What did you all think of Brandon Graham's Jermaine episode?The episode introduced us to a new-voiced version of Jermaine, Jake and Finn's real bro. I'm a big fan of the comic artist and was happy to see his style makes it's way on the Boobtube.

Here's an interview with him about the new episode.

"There's a Bruce Lee scene from Enter the Dragon where Lee is training a student and he says "We need emotional content!" Jesse brought all of that while I was busy seeing what kinds of fart jokes I could do. "

We have a new Adventure Time video game, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations. Coming from developer Vicious Cycle you'll have to solve mysteries in a point 'n' click adventure with your two favorite bros. This is the first full 3D game for Adventure Time. It's too early to tell if the game will be fun or not, if they don't get the full voice cast and good writing in, just have the staff work on it, then it might no be worth it. It comes out on every system, but Vita this November.

Adventure Time DLC has entered Little Big Planet 3.
Here's what you get:
  • 16 Materials, 4 Objects, 25 Decorations, 81 Stickers to design with!
  • 2 Original Music tracks (“A Blip and a Bubble”, “Manlorette Party”), 1 Interactive Music track (“Zombie Loop”) and 3 Cinematic Stingers (“Tragedy of Jake”, “Level 1″ and “Distortion Dirge”) by original Adventure Time composer, Tim Kiefer.
  • Land of Ooo Level Background
  • A Bonus Fionna Costume
Looks like some cute fun for fans of the show.