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Friday, April 24, 2015

AirTalk Talks About Nipples Being Beaten Off

Nipples you don't want them bit off.

AirTalk is a simple down to Earth show on KPCC. Larry Mantle leads the conversation and hardly anytime have guests on the show talked about the scenario of a women's nipple being eaten off. On the debate of Venice considering bringing back topless sunbathing, Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders’ Association came up with the scenario on yesterday's program. That scenario made me laugh way too much. Mark's odd appearance on the talk show was made even stranger by making sure to address that he isn't gay and likes women in his firs few words on the program.  Mark continued with "I don't want us to come to the point where that the next headline that some really crazy person has bitten off some young women's nipple, 'We didn't need that image, Mark, " Larry ended it.

Listen to it all at the 3:04 mark, for Mark. The whole conversation is quite funny to hear. You wish it were a prank, but sadly those are real people talking.

Melissa Diner, community officer for the Venice Neighborhood Council and sponsor of the  motion to allow topless sunbathing on Venice Beach is no crowd pleaser either, sounding like a wounded hippy. Her answers to  a father about his daughter and her friends age 14) were that of someone who fully didn't think the idea of topless bathing through. One caller, who also was on the Venice council, years back, flatly said the change of a topless beach was impossible due to city ordniances.