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Thursday, April 30, 2015

ArcLight Culver City Opens Tonight

People of Culver City and those in the vicinity of it, you now can enjoy ArcLight quality of film with the new ArcLight Culver City opening up tonight at 8pm. Some of you might have already caught on about its opening day with many of the Avengers: Age of Ultron screenings at it already sold out.

ArcLight Culver City
Opens April 30th
9500 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

Construction workers were building the bar and putting the seats in at the ArcLight Culver City when I viewed a sneak preview of the place before it's grand opening, happening today, April 30th. Gretchen McCourt, Vice President of Cinema Programming welcomed me and other press as construction workers nailed, hammered and painted what once was a Pacific Theaters into a brand-spanking new ArcLight. Gretchen reminded us this wasn't the only ArcLight opening in the LA area, ArcLight Santa Monica will be opening this November.

 Downtown Culver City has changed over the years with higher scale restaurant and fun events. Now it has a theater to go with it's new style.

Micheal Blaser, General Manager has experience with ArcLight as he worked at both the Hollywood and Beach Cities location. He started our tour with a look at the iconic departure board of ArcLights telling moviegoers when to catch their films. A wall near it would become a Storyboard wall where a scene or image from the film is focused on. Two other blank walls were pointed at, they would display props and clothes from upcoming films.

Soon we entered a theater as it was being made. Dampening walls and seats were lifted up and started to go in. Micheal told us about how each of the twelve auditoriums would have a black box design to capture the darkest blacks and best sound, a style of ArcLight Cinemas. It was hard to imagine with all the noise and a small radio on in the background. For movie buffs, they went over projection info. Three theaters will being showing off RealD tech, there will be 35mm projection and the rest use digital projection. Micheal cared more to show off the lobby as they were finishing up the theater.

With a cafe bar, gift shop and free WI-fi it seemed like a nice place to meet up with friends before or after a film, in the lobby. The food the cafe bar serves is to share and snack on, you can head outside to grab lunch or dinner in downtown Culver City. You can grab a triple berry tart or a meat & cheese board to tide you over inside. There's a selection of wines, beers and cocktails to get and you can take them into the theater. Special alcoholic drinks, like the Avengers-themed ones we mention in a previous article, will be available as different films come out and names from them can be used as drinks. Drink the Hulk if you can, 21+ only kids.

Micheal promised the same standards of other ArcLights with only three previews and no commercials before or after the films.

Like any other ArcLight you can order your tickets online and save a dollar on tickets by joining the $15/year membership.

The revitalization to make downtown Culver City an even nicer venue to visit is thanks to a New ArcLight opening up.

Hope we can get a good video game movie showing for when IndieCade comes back to town next October.