Saturday, April 4, 2015

Batman Vs. Robin Review Forced Entry

 Batman Vs. Robin

Batman Vs. Robin, the latest entry into the straight to DVD market seems so forced by an executive or shows how directionless WB animation is. Batman Vs. Robin adapts the arc from comics of the Court of Owls. A group of the city's super wealthy wants to control Gotham. They dress up with owl masks and have an army of super soldier zombies they want to take over Gotham with. I have no problem with that. The way it's executed makes me want the writer of this executed. The animated featured main focus is Robin being swept up by their main soldier, Talon, in an attempt to kill Batman. The rest is a shoddy written animated film that many comic fans would wonder why they bothered adapting to animation.

This latest features is part of a connected universe, the prequel already had us seeing Batman's parents gun downed. So again, we have to see Bruce's parents gun down, but this time an owl caught a bat in the background? WTF? Later, memories poorly connect Bruce Wayne to The Court of Owls in what should be a better mystery or a new connection to his new enemies.

As this film isn't rated for kids, it's strange as to why Robin is the star again. This film is for teenagers and adults to pick up, Robin is ten. Robin already starred in Son of Batman, now he's the main focus of a new film. Is he even that popular? The character isn't charming, he's so annoying Batman wants to send him away to military school.

The worst problem other than boring locations to fight in-I don't know how you made the Batcave boring, but you did- is the all about Robin plot somewhat connected to the Court of Owls using him to get to Batman.

If you want to see Batman fight his on son or some needless blood shed that WB animation puts in to try a look edgy-you don't need to, WB- than you have a very passable Batman film to watch with little to remember after seeing it.

It's such a waste of time and resources of WB animation that should be striving to make work that's actually appealing. They have to make commercial pieces too for kids and are releasing a painful to look at Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, so of they had one film devoted to kids, why not make a good film for everyone else?

Batman Vs. Robin never needed to be made and like Batman in this film I don't even want to acknowledge it as part of the family.