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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick Pick: The Voices

Cats and dogs don't give the greatest advice. That's what Jerry Hickfang (Ryan Reynolds) learns in The Voices. What could become a cult classic like Lebowski becomes a cute psycho killer movie to catch and forget over a weekend or a late night. Marjane Satrapi known for the animated "Persepolis" takes her first live action film and only makes it on the bubble of being great. Set somewhere in the Midwest a young man at a tub factory hears the voices of his cat, Mr. Whiskers and his dog, Bosco. Mr. Whiskers odd choice of a Scottish accent makes him no less a devil and Bocso, a dim-witted dog playing the angel both give Jerry advice. Though what advice is really coming from Jerry and his decisions to take the heads of his work mates are all his own. Jumping between how Jerry sees the world on and off his medication or through the eyes of others is a nice trick and tells you a lot about his sanity.The surroundings, including an abandoned bowling-alley Jerry lives above and the best looking Chinese food restaurant with an Asian Elvis we're all nice touches to almost get a cult following. Damn, I wanted to get the prop Japanese can of cat food.

The film has some moments of great sick murderous fun, but not enough. When roadkill begs you to kill it, you'll get a laugh from me. Not enough flash or a distinctive look to make it stand apart as a truly unique film. Better than a SyFy Channel movie, but nothing you want to pay for.

See what Deadpool might partially look like with Ryan Reynolds talking to the disembodied heads of Anna Kendrick and  Gemma Arterton.