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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Things To Watch: Gintama and Regular Show

Do yourself a favor and watch the latest episode of Gintama this week. Gintama is a dirty raunchy anime about Gintama and his odd jobs crew that get into bizarre situations. Dirty and childish jokes fly at you fast. Gintama was thought to be over, but has come back and starts off with an apology for coming back in a faux news conference. The latest episode has the Odd Jobs crew figuring out how to repair time ans Gintama broke it. Stay for an ending the mocks a DBZ classic moment.

Regular Show  this week either had it's final episode or was probably the greatest episode it will have with "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special". Mocking anime from a new opening-is that Evangelion in there-you'll die laughing at the return of the four baby ducks giant robot. Anime staples are trampled over with giant robots and destruction on a level never before seen on the show. Even with all that happening the show makes fun of its own crappy toy line.