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Thursday, April 9, 2015

WonderCon: San Andreas So Bad

Warner Bros and NBC both had a strong presence at WonderCon in panels and promotions. However, San Andreas wasted my time with a terrible real D booth that showed a trailer of the movie. As I was slightly shaken like a unwanted baby by her mother  I thought of only how bad WB is at making movies right now. San Andreas the WonderCon booth was an indication of how boring and tired WB is at making films.

San Andreas stars The Rock fighting an earthquake from a helicopter. I don't have to tell you that it looks like 2012, but a new 2012 that didn't need to be made, because they made that world destruction movie in 2009. Out May 29, don't enjoy seeing the city you live in horribly destroyed...again.

Listen, I love so bad it's good movies. I love action films. This is an action film that has LA being destroyed and it's boring to watch the trailer.

WB Home Television, you're doing a good job. WB Features you're dead to me.
The reaction you'd expect from San Adreas