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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Snack World Takes Advantage of Keychains

We're finally close to living in the era where toys and video games work well together. Amiibos so far have done nothing to gameplay except unlock costumes. Now Snack World from Level 5 has your keychain unlocking gear in game. Snack World looks like a cross between the Earthbound/Mother series and Dragon Quest. You'll be a hero on quests out to avenge the evil of a rich businessman who rides a dragon while lounging.

The games distinctive look already grabs you, but the concept of using special key-chains or trinkets you can purchase in the real world and scan to your 3DS gives you a strong connection to what your fighting with. The toy weapons are given to your hero in the game. Just like our world, Snack World has different brands, so different weapons will be available from fictional companies I can already envisions a tiny weapons cache wall on my desk.

I only hope more games adapt this idea with more plushes and other collectibles, things we thought we'd get when the Wii U first came out.

Dang, my desk is going to have a lot more toys on it in 2016.

via Tiny