Monday, April 27, 2015

Blastoff Comicfest Brings The Heroes To NOHO

Blastoff Comicfest will transform The Federal into a mini comic convention this Saturday, May 2 for Free Comic Book Day. Comic book creators, writers and artists will be in attendance for sketches, your questions and to sign your stuff. Some of the attendees are already excited like J. K. Woodward (Fallen Angel), "I'm very excited for this event! It's more like the love child of a comic con and a carnival than a Free Comic Book Day event. I've already started taking commission orders and I'll be painting live there! You can't ask for  a better bunch than those guys at Blastoff Comics. Now there's a place that loves comics!" He might be enthusiastic because Federal will also have a beer garden for the older crowd. Something Alan Brennert (DC/Marvel) seemed to only notice when signing up to attend, "ComicsFest? You said there was going to be a beer garden, this isn't Oktoberfest? What am I going to do with all this lederhosen?" There will be food stations, a live DJ, costumed hero photo ops, and plenty of free comics with the beer. This is still open to everyone, not just adults.

A little down the street Blastoff Comics will be open with more free comics and other deals for the day. If your in the mood to catch Avengers 2, it's right across the street from Federal at the NOHO 7.

What I've noticed while getting info on the event is how much the artists attending care for Blastoff.

"I'm psyched to have a new ComicFest right here in North Hollywood. And I'm even more psyched that my favorite comic book shop in the world - Blastoff - is behind it" , says Gregg Hurwitz (Batman/Punisher). Jim Krueguer (Justice and Earth X) agrees by saying,"Free Comic Book Day has always been an awesome day to introduce kids to comics.  But Blastoff and Jud are turning it into a party for all ages.  If you don't come, it won't be just comics you'll be missing out on." Mairghread Scott (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers),  "Let the party begin. Free Comic Book Day is Nerd Christmas in my house and no one's throwing a bigger bash than Blastoff Comics!"

Many of the writers and artists just want to meet you and connect with fans."Free Comic Book Day is such a great event, for retailers, for publishers, and for fans. I love taking part and I love the chance to get in front of fans in a more informal setting than a convention. But what really makes it such a wonderful day for me beyond that is seeing the faces new to comic shops, all the people just in to check things out but who end up developing the same lifelong love and addiction that we all share, " says Chris Ryall (Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing). Scott Tipton (Star Trek,

Doctor Who, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover series)had to say,"Free Comic Book Day is always a highlight of the year, a chance to reach out to a whole new audience and introduce them to everything we love about comics. And what Blastoff is doing this year cranks it up to 11, throwing a great party for the North Hollywood neighborhood where everyone gets to go home with comic books. It's a win-win!"

Todd Stashwick (Fox’s “Gotham”, SyFy’s “Twelve Monkeys”) said, "Comic books are our modern mythology. Heroes and Villains, morality tales and life lessons presented with dazzling art. They have always been important to me and  some of the earliest reading I can remember doing. Comics gets kids excited about reading. I've passed that love onto my children. Free comic book day is a chance for folks to take a "first step into a larger world." What blastoff is doing gives families an event to really celebrate this medium and set their kids down the important road of engaging their imaginations. "Here's where the fun begins!"

I applaud Blastoff on getting the event together and getting so many artists to come out and share their craft.

Saturday, May 2
The Federal
5303 Lankershim Blvd,
North Hollywood, CA 91601

We'll have more on all the Free Comic Book Day goodness happening in the LA area so stay stuck on the site.