Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Cremaster Cycle Apr 21-24

A showing that should have started on 4/20, you have the return of the The Cremaster Cycle, an insane body of work that visually might be better after lighting a joint. I beleive it's from the brain child of a heir to a plastics magnet who spent much on visually disturbing films with a huge production level all based on the production of sperm. I remember back to when Wired Magazine did a special article on its production do to how visually striking it is.

Three days of the films, it's a series of movies, followed by a conversation with it's creators.

Go for the weird.

The Cremaster Cycle Apr 21-24
Location: Billy Wilder TheaterTicketing: Tickets are required and available at the Box Office one hour before the program. One ticket per person; first come, first served. Early arrival is recommended.HAMMER PLUS Benefit: Members receive priority ticketing and can choose their seats, subject to availability.Parking: Under the museum, $3 flat rate after 6 p.m. (cash only)