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Friday, April 10, 2015

Crunchyroll, Anime News Network, LA Weekly We're Going To Beat You Up at the Dragonball Premiere

With our coverage! Christian Today, just shut up. Will be there, with the cosplayers while you interview people on the red carpet that no one cares about here in America. Will Akira Toriyama be there? Hell, no! Will the Japanese voice cast? Probably or terrible C-List celebs from shows we don't care about. If it's YouTube people, we care even less. Will be there and if  you see us and if we see you, you're dead...figuratively.  Especially you ANN, whose shows Goku's transformation with out a spoiler? You apparently. Are you going to tell people the plot of the film outside the premiere?Your dead Japanator, you've been dead for a long time, but you'll be more dead. Rocket News, oh you're smashed in the face and on the ground crying. Other than the web-sites I've mentioned they're aren't any that even matter to mention.