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Friday, August 1, 2014

LA Links: Our Street Services Suck, You're UCLA Car Might Be Gone, Movie Like Chase

In the wake of major problems found in LA's aging pipes a new study found LA Street Services to be incompetent and both wasting and mishandling money.

"Systemic problems also abounded. In an introduction to the audit, Galperin wrote that "a great deal of information about the bureau's activities is incomplete or simply missing," with scant records to show how many potholes it had filled. Completion reports were missing for 15 of the 25 street paving projects scrutinized by auditors, the report said."

"In addition, Galperin said, officials did not consider traffic volume or heavy vehicle loads when prioritizing road repairs. That left some of the most important streets in the worst shape."

L.A. street repair agency riddled with problems, audit finds

Some of the cars ruined by the pipe rupture near UCLA will be returned, others car are beyond being repaired and will have to be removed. This with other damages to UCLA might mean a hefty payout from the city of LA for damages. Insurance on many of the vehicles might not cover the bizarre events that happened. USC and UCLA are not looking that great as colleges to go to this Fall. Your choice of murder or utter car destruction.

"About 960 people reported having vehicles inside one of the two flooded parking garages. Of those, about 400 were “deemed to be inoperable due to water damage,” Tamberg told The Times."

UCLA flood: More than 200 undamaged cars will be moved Thursday night

 A crazy police chase out of a movie took place Thursday night.

Man Kidnaps A Woman In Front Of An Off-Duty FBI Agent, Leads Police On Wild Chase To Malibu