Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition We Won't Be There

TTDILA with a tear won't be covering this year's Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition. We're huge fans of Adventure Time here at TTDILA, but when Steven Universe has top billing we can see where the art show is going. Steven Universe is in no way a bad show, it's just that it's going to take over the entire night as we see it. The flyer above shows that without an ounce of Adventure Time on it but a mere logo. Then there's just the name: Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition. That's a name?

For those wanting a musical performance by Rebecca Sugar, be prepared to be overjoyed with her nerdiness. Do enjoy yourselves for those of us who won't be making it so we can take all your footage and write a decent write-up.

With TTDILA not there, don't look for any strange flyers around Nucleus or drained crayons from Marceline. We always did a weird little stunt around the shop for the opening nights.