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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Movie Hype: Alamo Drafthouse Downtown A Dream For LA Cinema Fans

One of the Alamo's in Texas
Is that guy with a cellphone in the theater bothering you? Oh, his phone is on and he's ruining the movie. Wait, he's being escorted out. Oh, no way! I can finally enjoy... I can finally enjoy my movie without that guy checking his e-mail!

That's what happens at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Texas. You talk or check your phone during the film, you're booted from the theater. Now, by 2015 we'll have our own Alamo Drafthouse, the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, in downtown LA. It will be opening as part of The Bloc, because missing a letter is so cool; a 1.8 million square foot mixed use location on 7th and Flower.

Quick Notes
-Alamo Drafthouse Downtown opening 2015
-Opens as part of The Bloc on 7th and Flower
-Easy access via Metro line
-In-house dining and locally brewed drinks
during films
-4K digital projection every theater
-3D and 35 mm possible
-Seats Approx. 800
-Only competition downtown, Regal Cinemas at LA Live, and the Downtown Independent

Would you like to be eating more than just an old hot dog. What about watching both indie and mainstream films, classics and cult favorite. Special movie nights? Special guests? At TTDILA we've reported on having to go all across the city for these events. The Alamo will have them all in one location.

Tim League the founder of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
The Alamo has huge fan base, not for just it's handling of chronic cell-phone users, but for its mission for audience satisfaction. Being both a theater to enjoy the new releases for families and wide audiences, but also catering to film nerds and cult favorites. Special event programming that Alamo has continually delivered in its other theaters over the years finally takes place in LA.

Alamo Drafthouse Downtown will be the pinnacle of movie going in LA. The theater is set to have nine screens with seats for approx. 800. Each theater will come with 4K digital projection. Theaters will be able to play 3D and 35mm projection. Front rows will be much further back, so no spot in the theater is a bad place to view the film. Big screens and great sound in every theater has been promised.

An in-house kitchen will provide dining during films, while a craft beer bar will provide patrons with a large collection of local California brews. The selection of food is to be wide menu of locally inspired and sourced food. Hopefully, that means some decent Mexican food and trendy deserts.

You may get to the Downtown via the ever expanding Metro line, which will have a stop adjacent to it or take them up on their four hour free validated parking when you got to see a film. Free bicycle valet. 

On policy, Alamo is known for it's strict stance on talking and phone use. If you bother other patrons with your selfish tendencies you'll be removed.

In the press release for the LA announcement, Mayor Eric Garcetti was quoted saying, "We're extremely excited to welcome Alamo Drafthouse to Downtown Los Angeles. Their unique brand of innovation and showmanship embodies the best traditions of our city's film industry."

We've written more than once about how great the theater is and how it should be an LA standard. I guess it'll be near The Standard, wonder what deals they'll make with a pool on top of a hotel. It's shown amazing love for cinema with the launch of Fantastic Fest, a festival showcasing beloved indie and big name features that go on to gain huge fans bases. Alamo's founder and now CEO Time League also founded Drafthouse Films, a distribution company that has released innovative to silly features that might have not gotten a wider audience without them.

Preliminary news about the theater came out back in 2013.

Best of luck, Cinefamily, same to you Downtown Independent. 

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