Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Things To Watch

Guardians of the Galaxy Yes
-Action sci-fi comedy with a talking raccoon that shoots big guns
Life after Beth Yes
-The zombie apocalypse with nice Jewish parents and that cute girl from Parks and Rec
Cheap Thrills Yes
-Friends are good to have in competitions that are horrible
Batman: Assault on Arkham Yes
-Suicide Squad, if you remember Justice League Unlimited episode Task Force X it's continued and then the added the Batman Arkham Aslyum video game for some reason
Borgman Yes
-He lives in the woods and takes over your family
Adrenaline Drive Yes
-Small budget Japanese comedy does not have much driving
Gravity Falls Season 2 Yes
-Wendy is now Ridley, that mustached guy from Parks and Rec is in it
Blue Blazes
-Japanese drama featuring the creators of popular anime companies as college students

Orange Is the New Black No
-Having an ensemble cast doesn't mean you're a good show, boring, so stupid it's just not funny stupid
Calvary No
-Not as funny as The Guard